Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Meet the latest object of my goalie love.


That's John Muse by the way. He's a Charlotte Checkers prospect that was sent down to my Everblades. He's also totally adorable and pretty inspiring goalie love-wise.

You could almost call him... my new MUSE!

I'm so sorry. I had to do that. It was just sitting there waiting to be said and you know you thought of it too.

One of my favorite things about him is how adorable he is. Watch this video and tell me you don't want to smoosh his face and feed him homemade apple pie. He's just so cute!

Now, if your one of those people who loves flashy goalies he's probably not your cup of tea. He's not going to drop into incredible contortions to make the save. He's was too busy setting himself up and anticipating what was going to happen so that he didn't have to.


Really, he gets my heart racing by not giving me regular heart attacks. And you know what? It's a very refreshing change of pace not to have the object of my goalie love attempting to put me into the hospital.


That's not to say he never throws himself into contortions, he does, He just doesn't do it with the regularity that forces me to keep a copy of heart attack symptoms on hand.


He's on that newfangled Twitter thing too. I find him pretty hilarious.

Did I mention he's won to NCAA championships and currently has the third best GAA in the ECHL right now? Awesome.

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