Monday, March 28, 2011

Dishy Goalie Monday- Bryan Pitton

DGM is usually based on a feeling, some might call it intuition, I call it attraction. This week is special and features a repeat guest, Bryan Pitton. You might remember him from PokeChicks post "Pitton Goes Pipe-to-Pipe".

Pitton was brought to our attention by @msconduct10. He is a 23 year old prospect for the Edmonton Oilers and currently plays for the Oklahoma City Barons. Pitton has also played this season with G5H alum, Zane Kalemba.

Now I know you're all waiting for the photos, but we like to get to know our boys a little before we ogle them shamelessly. So here is 5 little tidbits on the admirable Mr. Pitton.
  1. When assigned to the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL, Bryan plays alongside his older brother Jason.
  2. He is from Mississauga, Ontario (allegedly the current home of Don Cherry).
  3. Was drafted in the 5th round #133 overall by the Edmonton Oilers in 2006.
  4. He stands 6'2" and weighs in at 176 lbs. He has a wiry strength about him.
  5. He has dreamy bedroom eyes.
Wait the best part is right around the corner (or down the page).

With moves like these, I'd love to see a goalie dance off with @Geffman47.

*In game photos and videos provided courtesy of @MsConduct10.

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  1. I got to see Pitton three days in a row this weekend. The boy is overclocked. His reflexes are insane.

    I watched him drop into full-on splits and make a groin save when someone tried to score five-hole. I watched him throw himself face-down to the ice and rack himself on a post to fall on a shot from the left circle. Don't let this weekend's scores mislead you; this kid will do anything to stop a puck. Fantastic fun to watch.