Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anton Khudobin: Мило, как кнопка

If Google translate can be trusted, that means cute as a button.


I have to admit that I'm aware our poor coverage of AHL goalies is an injustice to all our loyal readers. To make it up to you, I will share with a goalie who is hands down the most adorable thing to ever step on the ice.


This is Anton Khudobin. He's from Kazakhstan. He's also so cute it hurts your teeth.


He was given the nickname Dimples by his adoring fans in Houston. This interview with him might give you a hint as to how he earned it.

Did I mention he gives the most wonderful interviews ever? 

(The previous three photos, and the interview are courtesy of Sarah C. from Something's Bruin)

You may remember him from earlier in the season when, during a call-up, he had a few starts for the Minnesota Wild. During one of those games he was able to shut-out some team called the Vancouver Canucks.

I can't be the only one to have a "OMG, must cuddle" reaction to this picture (I do forget who sent it to me though, sorry).
For some silly reason the Minnesota Wild chose to send him to the Boston Bruins at the trade deadline. Because an AHL goalie on a call-up shutting out the Canucks is no big deal I guess. This ended up benefiting not just Khudobin, but the Providence Bruins as well. He reacted to the new atmosphere by playing some of his best game all season going 5-1-1.

Both of these photos are courtesy of @unsportscomments
His style is decidedly unique. One of the best descriptions I've ever heard described him as a whirling dervish. Having seen him in action several times over the last few years I couldn't agree more. He can give you palpitations with his play, but honestly, it's part of his charm and it works.


  1. He really is the cutest creature imaginable, and insanely bendy as well. *sniff* I miss my goalie-muse!

  2. Oh my gosh he is so stinkin adorable. I just want to squeeze him like a little teddy bear.

  3. My dears, take a number.... there are many more gals before you!