Friday, January 21, 2011

My Current Obsession

I've tried to resist it for as long as I possible could, but I just can't go on any longer...


*cues up music*

I can't fight this feeelin' anymoooore...


I've forgotten every goalie that's come befooooore....


Ahem. Sorry, I was having a moment there. That's Bobby Goepfert, one of the goalies for my local ECHL team. He's pretty awesome, and if you haven't noticed, he's the current object of my goalie obsession.



His warm-up is definitely fun to watch...

And he's a pretty good dancer too...

Most importantly, he's one of the goalies who was featured on Puck Daddy last month for the fight he got into after sticking up for one of his defensemen in a line brawl. In case you missed it...

The best part in all of this? I get to go watch him in action tonight!


  1. Love him!!! I hope all goes well tonight and he plays tomorrow too :)

  2. Ooooh, dancing/fighting/yoga-warmup goalie FTW every time. I can understand the obsession. Enjoy tonight!