Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bits and Pieces

You guys continue to be absolutely awesome. So, while I work on a larger post for later, I have a few links I received via Twitter to hold you over.

- First, from @HockeyBroad, Corey Crawford failing to be anywhere near as awesome and bendy as Marty Turco.

- Next, from @julierubes, Brian Elliot showing us his goalie butt.

- Finally, from @txstarsgirl, John Grahame doing what has to be the best goalie stretch on Earth. I do believe it gave me the vapors.

Unfortunately, we're starting to run a bit low on pictures. If we run out, we'll have to dig into my supply of ECHL goalie pictures. As much as I adore Bobby Goepfert, Jaroslav Janus, and Dov Grumet-Morris, I don't think you guy want to see 15 posts of them (I really do have that many pictures worth).

Also, feel free to send us links to YouTube videos, stories on your favorite goalie, or any good interview you read. We're not picky here!


  1. If I get someone to take a picture of me doing the "best goalie stretech on Earth" will you post it? hahaha. (this is maalivahti. google wont let me sign in)

  2. I've got a shit ton of pictures of almost every goalie in the NHL on my site. You can use what you want, they are all watermarked.

  3. @maalivati- We will! We can objectify goalies equally ;)

    @Sunshine- I'm totally taking you up on that!