Saturday, January 1, 2011

G5H Poll of the Week

Every year my local ECHL team holds an NCAA hockey tournament. This was my first year going to all the games. You know what? NCAA goalies are just as yummy, if not more so, than professional goalies. The big question is, who wins the yummiest goalie of the College Classic award?

Let's introduce the contestants...

1. Mike Lee- St. Cloud State. A Phoenix Coyotes prospect.

2. Connor Knapp- Miami of Ohio. A Buffalo Sabres prospect.

3. Michael Garman- Cornell University.

 4. Martin Ouellette- University of Maine. A Columbus Blue Jackets prospect.

Chose your favorite? Go ahead and add a comment with your choice, you have till next Saturday to decide.

You have a week to decide people, so take your time


  1. O Hai! Knapp all the way baby. Can't argue with the back bend.

  2. Sorry Ladies I've gotta vote for Maine, and that's only because my Daughter (She's 3) fell in love with him and was waving frantically at him during the game against Cornell and he waved back. That's class.

  3. Knapp. Hands down. That back bend...lord. I'd bend over backwards for him haha.

  4. cornell.. but have you all seen Ben Bishop (6'7) bending?
    His is the BIG BEN Bend of all times.

  5. @artandhockey Ben Bishop's back bend is one of the reasons this blog came into being. Quite delicious.

  6. Eyes nearly popped out of my head. Knapp, hands down. *fans self*