Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Pick Me Up- Niklas Backstrom

I already had a post in mind for this weeks DGM when Niklas Backstrom had to be completely ridiculous and change all of my plans. So this week I've slipped in a little extra love. This post will focus on the delicious Backstrom and possibly the prettiest save of the year.

So here we go....
I always feel weird introducing NHL guys, it seems like everyone already knows the information, but I like to give a little background, it helps with the imagery.

Niklas Backstrom is from Helsinki, Finland and stands just over 6 feet tall (without skates). During Hockey Day in America Backstrom and the Minnesota Wild went up against the Detroit Red Wings and Backstrom came up huge!

and a few more goodies to start the day off right....
Those deep penetrating eyes are so intense I swoon.
I think I'm too young for hot flashes, but good lord.

Wasn't that scrumptious? A good little pick me up on hump day!

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