Monday, February 7, 2011

Dishy Goalie Monday- Double Feature

Alrighty, it's Monday again and while many dread Monday's, I look forward to it because Mondays are where I get to stare at sexy goaltenders and its for legitimate reasons. So this Monday, we have not one subject to ogle, but two.

This week at Going Five Hole we are featuring the goal tending duo of Marc Cheverie and Chet Pickard from the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL.

So you may ask yourself, what earned these two beauties a feature on G5H? Well there is the obvious reason (soon to follow), but I have a slightly more sinister motivation. Both goalies recently joined Twitter.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to #35 @Chevdawgy .

Cheverie is listed at 6'2" and 185, the Nova Scotian pays homage to his draft team, the Florida Panthers on the side of his lid.

Probably my all time favorite stretch. Every time I see it I get an inappropriate for public feeling.

Next up we have the Nashville Predators 2008 18th overall draft pick, #31 @CPickard37.

Chet Pickard uses all 6'3", 216lbs to full advantage and really fills his crease.
Pickard is new to twitter, but is already using it to raise money for Hockey Players 4 Kids, a charity that the Cyclones are active with every season.

Wowzers, they have some great moves and they're charitable. You now have an excuse to follow some very yummy goalies, cause its a you know, for a good cause.

*All action shots are courtesy of @Swamphockey.


  1. I do have to say I'm more of a Calvin Pickard fan my self. But I do love Chet as well.

  2. Yeah, its cute that they're both goalies.