Monday, February 28, 2011

Dishy Goalie Monday- Dan Ellis

It's trade deadline day and here on DGM we're going to focus on one of our favourite casualties. On February 24th Dan Ellis was traded to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Curtis McElhinney (who TPA waived and was picked up by OTT today).

Ellis who is now the starter in Anaheim as Jonas Hiller overcomes
a case of vertigo, visited SW Florida during the Lightnings' team trip.

The Lightning came to the Naples/Ft. Myers area and managed to squeeze practice into a hectic schedule of golf and team bonding.

Practice yielded some delicious photos of the bendy Ellis.

Now Ellis has had some issues in the past with social media, but overall I think he gets an unnecessarily bad rap. Seriously, how can you hate on that!

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  1. it really is a big turn off when you hear athletes complaining about how much they make. The way he carried himself through that situation makes me like him even less. If you have a problem with your pay keep it between you and your organization.