Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's Not to Love?

I've admitted my love for minor league journeymen before. One of my favorites? Todd Ford. Seriously, check out his stats. Dude has been around more than a puck bunny with daddy issues (oooooh, too far?).

I've been watching him come through for a couple of seasons now and I have to say he nice to watch. Aside from really filling up the crease...





... uh, yeah... where was I? Oh, yeah, dude fills up the crease. Right. Uh, he also has some bad ass tatste in music if his mask is any indication.


I just can't help but adore a man who appreciates Johnny Cash.


Add to that his penchant for coming out of the crease and its true goalie-love.


I don't think there is really anything left to say, so, I will leave you with this hilarious video of Ford and his Stingray teammates taking on a local Boys and Girls club in a rousing game of dodgeball.

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