Monday, April 4, 2011

Dishy Goalie Monday- Mike Murphy

DGM is all about inspiration. This week was difficult and I was struggling for a clear vision. I reviewed several prospects for todays post, including Thomas McCullom (ECHL to NHL in 1 week), and a hockey hall of fame post, before deciding upon Mike Murphy.

Murphy is a Hurricanes prospect that plays for the teams AHL affiliate, the Charlotte Checkers. Prior to being injured Mike was posting some pretty solid stats and while those are titillating in their own way, Murphy gets the nod for much much more.

Murphy's qualifications for DGM:

1. Yes, he is more than a pretty face and awesome flow.

2. @MichaelMurphy31 is great about interacting with fans, he even lets the broads attempt to wheel him on twitter.


Murphy's Mail Bag began last season when the team resided in Albany, NY. This year we have the added pleasure of Michal Jordan.

Quick flashback. We all should have known this was coming. Rocking that shade of yellow is a skill all on its own.

5. Murphy is the Checkers "Man of the Year" for his continued work with Checkers charities and promotion of good causes.
What can I say? He's handsome, funny, charitable and likes kids. Sounds like a pretty damn good DGM to me!


  1. Couldn't disagree with a word you said. Murph is one of the best. We love him, Caniacs and Checker Fans alike.

  2. I did some minor updates to the post. Murphy does all the hard work for me on this DGM. xoxo-Clara

  3. I took pride in focusing all my cougar energy on stalking Jeff Skinner (swoon). Despite my urge to resist, charismatic Mr. Murphy stole a sliver of my Skinner heart. But don't tell Skinny, ok? Great stuff Clara!

  4. Murphy was the best goalie the Belleville Bulls ever had. it was a pleasure to watch him play.