Tuesday, January 3, 2012

4 pucks, and adding fuel to the fire :)

So this past week was the Annual College Classic at Germain Arena in Fort Myers.... My family and I like to go every year to support Cornell (Home town team for us) and also it's a great day of hockey! Since Maine won last year, they were back again this year..... and much to the surprise of my daughter, so was her goalie :)
*Emma watching Maine warmup on the glass* All 3 goalies came over and tapped on the glass and waved at her... I swear she was on cloud 9!

So this is my younger brother Tyler, and Emma. Tyler has played hockey since he was Emma's age and still plays in a pickup league on Sundays. Emma spent most of the Classic with my Mom's camera taking pictures of "Her goalies" My brother brought his friend Chad with him, who also plays in the Sunday league, and he was telling Emma all about playing Goalie (he skates out most of the time, but is a goalie) She was listening so intently to him, holding on to every word!
 Emma had a blast at the games! Maine WON again this year, so she's already planning for next year's classic! She managed to walk away from the game with a even more pronounced love for hockey and goalies, and 4 pucks! One from Uncle Tyler, One from SwampHockey, and 2 from the Maine players during warmups :)

My favorite picture of the evening was the Cornell goalie.... He's POCKET SIZE :)

So I think after this weekend, I'm going to need to get Emma some skates and lessons.... Uncle Tyler already bought her a stick.... She really wants to learn how to play hockey. :) I may have a future WNHL player on my hands :)

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